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We are searching for highly motivated anglers who share their passion for fishing and love sharing their experiences through social media outlets such as NPS, Facebook, Twitter, Fishing Forums, and Youtube. Our Pro Staff members will be able to earn discounts and product deals through interaction with other anglers on social media, at the boat ramp, and at tournaments just to name a few.

If you think you’re a fit and want to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to use and promote our products then let us know.





Chris Garrison – Professional Tournament Angler

“There are a lot of motor covers on the market that make a lot of claims but there is only one that has the reputation to uphold these claims, it is the Tuff Skinz motor cover. After placing my order or my 2012 Skeeter ZX20, my next order was for a Tuff Skinz motor cover. I wanted to protect my 250 Yamaha SHO, so that I could enjoy it and not have to worry about limb scratches, boat docks, or the guy in the back of the boat that always hits the motor, after attempting to set the hook on the big one! “The outer cover protects the cowling, while the soft inner lining protects from scratches. This is a “must have” purchase for anyone who values the motor and most of all values a quality product and quality customer service!”


Todd Punke – Professional Tournament Angler

“While practicing for a tournament on the Mississippi river, I had the first real test of my Tuff Skinz cover. I was fishing a big gnarled brush pile, when the current caught my boat and pushed my brand new Mercury Pro XS into a limb. The limb exploded into pieces, and I thought that surely something must of been damaged. Upon inspection of my motor, I found that there wasn’t so much as a scrape on it or the cover.” “Anyone who spends a lot of time on the water, whether you’re a tournament angler or a recreational fisherman, you will appreciate the protection in which Tuff Skinz motor covers give to your outboard motor. Tuff Skinz is made with a fabric that is incredibly durable. Without my Tuff skinz, I would have had a permanent reminder of that fishing trip gouged into my cowling. Now my motor will always look brand new. Thanks to Tuff Skinz!”


Steve Schmidt – Professional Guide and Tournament Angler

“When I saw this cover on a motor, I knew I needed to get one. This cover will last, it stands up to tree limbs and I’m not talking about limp limbs. I’m talking about gnarly, sharp limbs. The stuff you don’t want to get your boat into. But as a guide you need to get were the big fish live. Also, when your fishing buddy or my client flips or casts and hits the motor, it’s no big deal because the cover is protecting the motor.”


Harvey Wall – Professional Tournament Angler

“I have found not just one, but two good reasons for owning a Tuff Skinz outboard engine cover. The obvious reason is to protect your investment on your outboard and keep it looking new, but the second is that Tuff Skinz offers you the opportunity to print the logos of your sponsors on the cover. We all have wrapped boats, floor graphics, and tournament jerseys plastered with sponsor & pro staff logos, but the engine cover is an overlooked area for sponsor logos. Your outboard can now have the logos of more than just your outboard manufacturer!”


Brad Wiegmann – Professional Guide and Outdoor Writer

“The Tuff Skinz outboard motor cover is the ultimate protection for any outboard motor cowling. Not only does it protect it from harmful UV rays and scratches, but also bluff walls, boat docks, brushes, trees and all the other abrasive objects I bump into while I’m out guiding. The inside material is so soft I don’t worry about it scratching up the cowling. It’s also going to increase the resale value of the motor when I sell it. There is no other outboard motor cover available built to match the high-quality of Tuff Skinz. Plus no other covers are made to be used when driving down the road and running down the lake. If you are looking for an outboard motor cover to protect your engine’s cowling look no farther than the Tuff Skinz outboard motor cover.”

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