Power Hood Option

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Tuff Skinz can add a Solbian solar panel with integrated battery management module to your cover. The Solbian system is cutting edge technology. It is saltwater resistant and provides 23 watts of charge that is managed by its built in management module. Be reassured your starter battery is ready for work or play. The Solbian panel will keep your battery charged whether on the lift or the trailer or while you are on the lake. NOT all solar panels are the same. The Solbian is the Ferrari of marine grade solar power backed by a 5 year output warranty and a 2 year physical warranty. This option will keep you from being the one causing a traffic jam at the boat ramp because of a dead or lazy battery.

The Panel comes with a disconnect and is held on with buckles and straps.. It can be removed and put back on easily. Have Tuffskinz turn your motor cover into a Power Hood.

Solibian Solar Panel Upgrade $549.00 + TuffSkinz Cover (sold separately)

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