Q: Can the Tuff Skinz motor cover be used on my motor while my motor is running?

A: YES! – You TuffSkinz vented motor cover can be used while your motor is running, and it will not overheat. Tuff Skinz Outboard motor covers have strategically placed vents, and tests have shown that there is more than adequate airflow to cool any engine, and can be left on at all times.

Q: Won’t it come off while traveling across the lake or during towing?

A: It has a 1″ strap sewn into the bottom of the cover and a snap buckle in the front. Once it is in place and the buckle is secured, the end of the strap can be pulled to allow for the bottom to be drawn together, making the cover impossible to come off, while towing, or on the lake.

Q: What makes Tuff Skinz different from other covers?

A:  Tuff Skinz are made from very tough polyester that is treated with UV and water repellent chemicals.  We are the original “vented” motor cover, with vents that are strategically placed to allow enough air flow to keep your engine cool, allowing you to keep it on while you are on or off the water.

Q: Can I purchase the cover without logos?

A: Yes, however all of our covers will have the Tuff Skinz website address printed on the sides.

Q: What Graphics or logos do you offer?

A.  All covers designed for Mercury outboards are printed with the Mercury logo on the sides. Covers designed for Evinrude and Yamaha will have the “Tuff Skinz” logo on the sides unless specified otherwise.   If you are sponsored by a motor manufacturer, we will send you to an outside source to add your graphics, and at an additional cost.  Tuff Skinz motor covers are not a product of Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude, Suzuki, or any other manufacturer.

Q: What is the warranty of the Tuff Skinz?

A: All Tuff Skinz have a 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship. There is no warranty against fading, salt or hard water stains or rips from hitting objects. We offer “Tuff Stuff” Protectant to enhance the UV and water resistance properties of your cover to keep it looking new for more than 10 minutes.

Q: Do Tuff Skinz have a portal in the cover to allow access to the trim switch?ea0828d8f1122ef74caddeed4cc25194

A: We have a conundrum!! We have found that more places on the cover that limbs and branches can penetrate, the more they will hang up…. However..  Due top popular demand and angler complaints our most popular models do have cutouts for the trim switches…” the old darned if we do… darned if we don’t”

Q: How much coverage will I get from my Tuff Skinz

A: The Tuff Skinz is designed for maximum protection. It is designed to cover the upper cowling and most of the lower cowling except for the upper and lower shaft, and part of the lower cowling that is closest to the water.

Q: Can I get a Tuff Skinz in a different color

A: YES. We currently offer the motor covers in black, Gray, White, and Blue…. But.. We do need time to make special colors…

Q: How easy is the Tuff Skinz to clean?

A: It is very easy to keep clean using a mild detergent such as Simple Green, water, and a sponge. Do not use paper towels or harsh chemicals as these will remove the protective coatings and will render the fabric succeptable to UV rays and the elements causing it to fade prematurely.